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In recent years, the information age has introduced a wide range of security and privacy issues that have called for advanced smart card security applications. Its proliferation has now reached phenomenal proportions since it was introduced by many governments around the world as National ID, electronic passports and driver’s licenses. Even the banking community has its share in the market by gradually replacing the magnetic stripe in bankcards in 2005 to comply with EMV consortium.

Unlimited Solutions Corp. is proud to have the SmartSolutions® Family to aid businesses in keeping up with the advancement of the industry.

The innovation powerhouse created by Unlimited Solutions Corporation is tailored for institutions that choose to have the latest in Information Technology. Customers provide testimonials as to how SmartSolutions® has provided a better and more cost-effective way of performing operations:

“As Lyceum’s sole smart card technology provider since 2002, Unlimited Solutions Corporation has continually provided the institution with commendable services. Its notable contribution through the implementation of Smart Card has unlocked opportunities for technological advancement of both the school and its students.”

- Atty. Roberto P. Laurel
President, Lyceum of the Philippines

“As the pioneer institution in becoming a smart campus, Unlimited Solutions Corporation became the catalyst that launched the vast potential of Mapua Institute of Technology’s resources to come up with an integrated solution of various applications whose goal is to provide better and more efficient services to our students.”

- Engr. Christopher F. dela Rosa
Director, Development Office for Information Technology

“… Indeed your motto of: THE SMART WAY TO GO has influenced and helped many schools to cope with the upgrading and development of their Administrative and Student Services in line with the development of information technology.”

- Fr. Rodolfo S. Jacobe, Jr., OMI
School Director, Notre Dame of Greater Manila

These are only some of the growing list of our satisfied clients. And as the company incessantly moves to improve its IT products and solutions through hard work and careful planning, we remain committed to the primary objective we have set out to accomplish six years ago: We will be the Philippines’ leader in smart card, biometrics, RFID, EMV and NFC technology.

SmartCampus® aids in monitoring time-in and time-out data.

It can also be used as an e-purse for purchases and payments in schools. This generally minimizes the risk on a student’s safety brought about by carrying large amounts of cash, and increases ease of transaction.

Moreover, smart cards also provide the schools internet access control and usage monitoring which, in effect, provide for an increased overall efficiency of the personnel attending to the students’ needs.

SmartCampus® is a modular, open-architecture solution, custom tailored for a wide range of campus environments. The multi-functional smart cards can be used by students and faculty for Identification, Security, Computer Management, Laboratory Management, Library Management and many more. Each solution and module will "automate" operations inside the campus.

SmartOffice® integrates with most intelligent building systems in the industry. Office administrators will greatly benefit from this product because this enables them to provide a secure and comfortable environment for their employees and tenants.

SmartClub® enables secure creation, capture and transfer of significant data and information by providing both front- and backend processing.

This also provides a seamless flow of leisure activities for golf courses, theme parks, resorts, and other membership-based organizations. Members are sure to benefit from the range of customized applications suited to their requirements.

SmartCare® reduces the risk of losing important medical records and history.

It ensures all pertinent data are easily retrievable in case a patient needs to be transferred to another clinic under the care of another physician. This also helps improve manageability of data, in that if a server bogged down, the patient can still be provided accurate medical care.

SmartTag® provides the highest level of scanning automation and accurate inventory through automated control.

This solution works against pilferage and promotes accuracy for procedures in libraries, video rental shops, manufacturing facilities, airlines, as well as the agricultural sector.

SmartPoints® caters to establishments like fine dining restaurants, specialty shops, sports houses, health and beauty shops, supermarkets and department stores, hotels and resorts.

This provides convenience and security in data collection and transmission.

SmartSecurity® aims to monitor attendance and control the access of unauthorized persons by using RFID smart cards.

It utilizes state-of-the-art contactless technology which is not subject to wear and tear, guarantees ease of use, speed, flexibility and the highest degree of data security, privacy and accountability.

SmartVille® aids in monitoring what goes on at home if and when the owner is out of town.

These would readily provide owners real-time information if unauthorized people enter the premises without their knowledge and approval, or if the cars and other equipment in the house are taken out or used without permission. This would generally promote a higher level of home security for people who often go out of town for business or vacation.

promotes interoperability in tracking and maintaining loyalty points for mall owners, retailers, and customers.

This aids business owners in successful cross-marketing and encourages customers to make the “right buying decision.” Because of this feature, customers no longer need to spend hours traveling in order to buy a product and use their cards to earn loyalty points. They can buy an item from one store that is participating in the program and their purchase points will be stored in their smart cards for future redemption.

SmartToll® generates a smoother traffic flow on expressways, thus giving the users comfort and convenience.

This solution may be used to eliminate vehicle pile ups and bottlenecks especially during rush hours, weekends and holidays.

SmartCity® helps form a centralized access to benefits in a city.

The use of these smart cards will provide a more efficient transfer of data for availing basic benefits and incentives.

SmartTranscription® ensures confidentiality in transcribing medical records and, at the same time, maintains a readily available source of data in case the files need to be accessed by authorized personnel.

This also provides a faster and safer way to store and transfer information from the medical service provider to its clients.

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